Women's Health And Dizziness During Pregnancy

A notable number of women experience dizziness during pregnancy. The scientific explanation for this is that, during that period, the body of a woman's body undergoes a lot of cardiovascular changes. The body is supposed to undergo self-initiating adaptive changes in its cardiovascular and nervous systems to enable normal functioning, especially in maintaining continuous supply of blood to the brain. The consequences of failure of such adaptive mechanisms include fainting and giddiness.

One of the significant changes that occur to women during gestation is an increase in the rate of heart beat. This is accompanied by increment in blood volumes by about 45%. They also undergo dilation of blood vessels, resulting in low blood pressure. A woman experiences the lowest blood pressure levels at around mid-pregnancy. This drop is only restored to normal close to the end of gestation period.

Medical experts have identified a number of ways that can help in handling dizziness. It is critical that a woman lies down if she experiences vertigo. This prevents her from suffering injury by falling. She should also stop doing any activity that may bring harm to her or others, for instance operating machinery or driving.

The basic cause of dizziness and fainting is an inadequate supply of blood to the brain. First aid measures, hence, should aim to restore this supply. One way of achieving this is by resting the victim in a horizontal position, but with the head slightly lower than the rest of the body. Where there is no space to lie, it is advisable that the victim sits, then put her head between her knees. The woman may also lie on her left side, since this increases blood flow to both the heart and the brain.

A woman's actions may increase the risk of her fainting or experiencing lightheadedness. Top on this list is a quick shift in position from either lying or sitting to standing. Blood pools around the feet and in lower legs during resting periods. The body may not be able to restore blood flow to the heart and brain upon springing from the rest position, hence resulting in dizziness. Therefore, it is advisable for pregnant women not to spring from resting positions to standing.

Blood may also pool around the feet when a person stands at the same position for prolonged periods. Expectant women are advisable to walk around after short periods of being stationary. In case this is not possible, exercising legs could also help improve blood circulation. Wearing support stockings has also been proven to improve circulation.

Pregnant woman should take note of their sleeping positions since how they sleep may increase chances of experiencing lightheadedness. A woman should not lie on their stomachs or backs during their second and third trimesters. This is because such positions cause the uterus to exert extra pressure on inferior vena cava, slowing circulation in the lower abdomen. They should lie of their left side instead.

Vasovagal syncope may also result in dizziness during pregnancy. This is a condition resulting from straining during activities such as urination or coughing, dehydration, pain or anxiety. Symptoms associated with this condition are a feeling of warmth, nausea, yawning, sweating and paleness. It is advisable to lie or sit upon experiencing such symptoms.

Pilates for Health During Pregnancy

Pilates is considered by many as the best exercise during pregnancy. Since Pilates helps in strengthening your core muscles, this form of exercise may also help you as you go through pregnancy and labour. Pilates practised during pregnancy will focus on movements that will strengthen muscles in your abdomen, back, and pelvis. Muscles in these areas are responsible for supporting the body during pregnancy and childbirth. The benefits that Pilates can assist with, for the expectant mom, is the return back to their normal figure after delivery.

If you would like to attend Pilate sessions, there are qualified instructors who can help you. Remember that Pilate classes for pregnant women are very different from ordinary classes. Pre-natal Pilates entail careful body movements because when pregnant you need to know what forms of exercises that are appropriate. Do not attempt to do Pilates on your own if you are unsure which exercises to do as this may jeopardize your health as well as your baby's. Seek advice first.

Pilates for pregnant women is not exactly stressful and physically demanding because during pregnancy some women may have only limited range of motion, especially in the later months. During these exercises, focus on your body and be aware that your energy levels may change from time to time. Be careful not to overdo the movements and pay attention to signs that you must slow down. Once you feel a bit lightheaded or when you are already chasing your breath, take a break and breathe deeply until you feel you can breathe properly again. When using any Pilate's equipment, make sure that you have someone around to assist you in case you may need help.

If you would like to practice Pilates during pregnancy, there may be moments when you feel like you are strained more than usual. This is normal. Due to hormonal changes, your muscles and joints will experience suppleness but be sure not to overdo it. Do not get too carried away by your sudden flexibility. Pilate exercises can be moderated for expectant moms so anything that is more advanced must be avoided.

As much as Pilates can benefit you and your unborn child, there are some precautions that you must understand. Here are some of the things that you must be aware of while doing pre-natal Pilates.

1. Exercises for abdominal muscles must be done in moderation to prevent your muscles from separating or what most would call "diastases recti".

2. As your baby develops in your womb, your weight increases which can cause back muscle strain. Prepare for this by doing Pilates exercises that will strengthen your lower back.

3. Do not attempt to do exercises that will entail you to lie on your back especially if you are in your second trimester. Health professionals do not recommend pregnant women to do strenuous activities that will require them to lie on their backs because it may elicit unhealthy conditions on the mother's vascular system.

4. Be aware of your range of motion and do not overdo your exercises. Remember that during pregnancy, your muscles, joints and ligaments are vulnerable. Thus, you may be more prone to have injuries and tears.

5. Because of the weight of your child, your centre of gravity has changed so take note of this when you do pre-natal Pilates exercises.

It is recommended to keep active and fit during pregnancy. This will help your overall good health and increase immunity. Have a happy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Margaret Le Monnier has over 20 years-experience as a qualified natural health professional in the UK. She is now writing articles for a website solely devoted to bringing a comprehensive range of natural health advice to everyone. To find out more about pilates visit her website at Natural Health 4 Life.

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