Baby Security Blankets

Baby lovies are great to wrap around as security blankets for babies, ensuring that babies remain to be protected and warm. Also known as security blankets, Baby Lovie blankets are typically made using soft fabrics like cotton and satin, cut in ideal sizes which efficiently “fit” with most babies. Though their primary function serves parents and babies as blankets, Baby Lovie blankets could also be used as baby bibs, with Baby Lovies made using highly absorbent materials doubling as baby towels. As such, they are multi-functional baby item essentials, items which work for parents and baby and not the other way around.

This hypo-allergenic and organic aspect comes as an added safety edge for Baby Lovie blankets, since most babies are known to suckle fabric or textile ends or “clumps’ from time to time. With non-organic fabrics having certain chemicals involved in their production, organic fabrics offer a safety edge when talking about babies’ accidentally suckling in hazardous chemicals. The babies’ skins being very sensitive, a hypo-allergenic Baby Lovie blanket does away with outbreaks or allergic reactions which are known to hail from rough, non-hypo-allergenic baby blankets.

In terms of design, Baby Lovies come in different shapely and inside fabric colors and patterns. From solid color designs to pattern based designs, there are also a number of brand based Baby Lovies. By solid construction factors, easy to wash features and easy to use benefits, Baby Lovies are perfect as security blankets for babies, wrap around blankets which can be used for outdoor activities or for dedicated use in baby trolleys. If you’re on the lookout for a more functional baby blanket other than the conventional ones often seen in most baby supplies venues, give baby security blankets a go.