Spaghetti-Stuffed Roasted Peppers

Do you usually eat your pasta in a bowl or on a plate? How about in a pepper? This week's easy pasta recipe from Martha Stewart Living looks complicated, but it's actually a cinch to put together. Here's how...Read More >

The Secret to Female Friendship

I had female friends growing up, but in my thirties I started feeling much closer to the women I knew. At first, I wasn't sure why this lovely intimacy was developing, but then I read this piece from New York Magazine and had a lightbulb moment...
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How to Give Yourself a One-Second Makeover

Did you know that one of the quickest (and most dramatic) ways to change your look is to change the way you part your hair? We didn't understand the power of parts until recently, when Vanessa Alcala, a hairstylist at Marie Robinson Salon in Manhattan, let us in on the secret. Take a look...
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Mother's Day Gift Idea

It's funny, we've given my mom many different kinds of presents over the years — massages, sweaters, perfume — but the one she always raves about and requests more of are photo gifts. (This Toby notepad was probably her favorite gift of all time.)

This Mother's Day, we made her a framed photo collage with photos of her and the boys. She can put it on her desk and see how much we adore her. I hope she loves it. And crazily enough, it only took about ten minutes to make with Instagram shots. Pinhole Press has been our go-to for the past four years, and I'd highly recommend them for beautiful, heartfelt gifts.

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off all Pinhole Press products with the code CUPOFJO15, good through May 31st.Read More >

How to Talk to Kids About Death

As I've mentioned, two of our close family members died this winter, and we had to figure out how to tell four-year-old Toby. Here are 10 things we learned...Read More >